Chronos days sim dating game ending Treffen mit einem anderen mann

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Chronos days sim dating game ending

The cheat code ohgoditsinfmajor can also be used to unlock Bianca.Each character has a "bad", "okay", good" and "best" ending.But how are you going to give it back to me if you're leaving? You will be able to meet Emmett again at The Train Station on or after Day 10.Using the cheat code donottrytrainjumpingathome can also be used to unlock Emmett.

While in the past, go to The Train Station on Day 2, 3 or 4.

If you have 450 or more Relationship EXP with them you will get their "best" ending.

Only the "best" ending will reveal a cut scene such as a romantic scene, wedding or seeing what children you have with them in the future.

Talking to characters will increase your Relationship EXP with them.

Once you have enough successful dialogues with the character, a message letting you know that you can now give gifts to the character will appear.

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To have a successful date you will need to raise the Mood to 5/5 and kiss the character.

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