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"I didn't imagine a film like that could exist." It was Last Tango in Paris, and it was the first movie she saw on videotape, in Romania, in the mid-'80s.As she and her friend Mariana think back, the scene cuts to Last Tango in Paris, Marlon Brando bathing Maria Schneider, pushing her head under water, the fictional lovers' laughter echoing that of the two friends. "That's when I realized how far behind the West we were."The moment perfectly exemplifies the method of Chuck Norris vs Communism, Ilinca Calugareanu's documentary about the transformation of a population by movies.

"Even these powerful men were manipulated by the needs of their wives and children," observes Zamfir as he describes, somewhat cryptically, his relationship with at least one member of the secret police force.Chiudendo questo elemento o interagendo con il sito senza modificare le impostazioni del browser acconsenti all'utilizzo di tutti i cookies del sito web Su questo sito utilizziamo cookie, nostri e di terze parti, per migliorare la tua esperienza di navigazione.Se vuoi saperne di più consulta la nostra informativa sui cookie."Those films were my oxygen," says Irina, "The main thing was I could watch films and keep in touch with the world…It was like escaping from jail." But it was also material, eventually.

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A third scene cuts in, the camera panning a collection of faces in flickering light, a reenactment of that first experience, watching a videotape in a dark apartment. Now available on Independent Lens online, the film looks back on life during Nicolae Ceaușescu's regime, using a combination of commercial videos, talking heads, and reenactments, cleverly intertwined to show how all shape each other.

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