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He can’t eat at the moment so he’s being fed through a drip." The talented mathematician was cycling through Barking, east London, at 7.30pm on Monday when he crossed paths with a 50-strong mob of rioters, apparently on their way to loot a retail park.

He had gone out to buy food for Iftar – the meal eaten by Muslims when breaking their Ramadan fasting – when he was confronted by some of the gang.

abri [Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Armed Forces. “He cannot really speak because of the severity of the injuries to his jaw,” said Wan Azmi, a consular officer from the High Commission of Malaysia in London.“He is in a lot of pain and it is most likely that he will need a metal plate in his jaw. 2 form of address to younger brother or sister and younger people in extended family. 2 form of address to wife or female lover (more affectionate than adik). adiratna-pekaca (Lit.) 1 lotus jewel, the sublime jewel. adik 1 younger brother or sister or younger cousin. adinda 1 respectful form of address and reference to younger sibling or to a younger person of either sex, esp.

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Abdul Hamid, 23, who filmed the attack, said: “It was sickening to see him lying there so helpless, then for these people to come along and mug him in that state.

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