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I started dreaming about seeing some writing on a web page, and just before I woke up, I saw this very large brown shelf break in half and fall down.Palenque Pakal In early 2010 there was documentary on the History Channel. For them to have spent this kind of money to produce this lent credence to what the scientists in it were actually glowed a little with a myriad of stars all around us, but we kept getting pulled even farther and we passed a line of stars into another galaxy where the line of stars was different than before, and I knew we'd never get back to the original galaxy without help.We'd never be able to get there all by ourselves.2nd in middle-The final Solar eclipse of the last Baktun which happens 3rd on left- the final day of the 13th Baktun- compiled by Dee Finney 10-9-10 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere and a bunch of people gathered together.

DRESDEN CODEX FLOOD From right to left what it shows are the last 2 katuns in the final Baktun.

The archipelago administratively belongs to Chile's Valparaíso Region (which also includes Easter Island), and more specifically forms one of the nine communes (comunas) of the Valparaíso Province named Juan Fernández.

On 27 February 2010, a tsunami caused by the 8.8 magnitude earthquake off Maule, struck the islands, causing at least 8 deaths.

The library of Alexandria in Egypt paled in comparison to what the Spanish destroyed. Apocalypse Island - The Official Website of James Turner, Explorer It is according to all who have now researched it the only place you will be able to see this event in the western hemisphere. How did they build this monument there 1000s of miles from home ?

According to Maya history many of the cities had already been evacuated and were vacant when the Spanish arrived. Almost 80 of those pages are detailed astronomical facts, figures and charts that are AS accurate than anything we have this day. They knew about the 'dark rift' in the Milky Way. Now on there will be an event that happens only once every 640,000 yrs. This man James Turner is first to really have put the pieces together like this and it is why History saw fit to spend the $ to make the film.

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