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Florida previously used the term to describe the child’s primary physical residence, or to describe the primary residential responsibility.

The terms timesharing and parenting plan are now used instead.

Reaching an agreement on which custody arrangement will be most beneficial for the children is a difficult decision.

Parents are afraid of damaging the relationship with their child, and the concern is valid as custody decisions will undoubtedly affect their future relationship.

If you would like to speak about you custody situation please contact The Windle Family Law Firm.

Parenting Plans, timesharing arrangements, custody and visitation are complicated issues that involve many different considerations.

When a Court makes a determination about the appropriate timesharing or custodial arrangement for a child, the primary concern is the best interest of the child.It is important to keep the child’s interests at the center of any custody dispute.Examples of the factors that the Court considers in determining the best interest of the child are found below.The Windle Family Law Firm places special emphasis on custody issues because we feel that time with a child is irreplaceable.It is critical that custody decisions be made right the first time.

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